Places to Visit in Yangon, Myanmar

Ever since the government in Myanmar opened the borders of the nation I had wanted to go to this amazing country. This year I finally got my chance. I flew from London to Bangkok, then on to Yangon. Emerging from the Yangon International Airport was a Fantastic feeling. Here I was, at last, in the most exciting and intriguing nation on the planet, about to bear wit...
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The write style

It can be, written in the style of rhymes or that of the tube, which really differentiates a poem from all their prose with the assistance of examples being, used. It is possible to readily express through the poetry as to what is there on head and in the exact same time many of the artists write poems just because it is among their hobbies and they doing it.
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About the Poems

Poems are the part of literature, which the author writes in the kind of a verse as well as using different formats. They use different kinds of writing methods like using metaphors in addition to similes, etc. . express emotions they're undergoing and to convey them to the reader. Such techniques utilize many sorts.
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